Indoor LED Light

Lighting is a crucial aspect of the inside , because it not only offers ample illumination, but also adds to the aesthetics of any space, leading to making the environment productive and proactive. Indoor LED lighting helps create the proper work environment, boosts productivity, reduces fatigue and frustration in employees.

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Instant Illumination

LEDs, unlike quite few conventional light sources, illuminate instantly and take only a couple of microseconds to realize full brightness.

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Compact in size

Due to their compact size, LEDs enable design of compact & aesthetic luminaires with proper optical control.

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Innovative Products

Our team keeps on innovating and developing products every day. We are good at learning from your suggestion to make the most perfect product.

Elite Series

Double Colour Light

Cat. No

Cut Out Size

Wattage (W)





155 x 155 MM

12+4 W


205 x 205 MM

18+6 W


150 MM

12+4 W


205 MM

18+6 W

Tri Colour Light

Cat. NoCut Out SizeWattage (W)Cat. NoCut Out SizeWattage (W)
ZTSTC 965 x 65 MM3+3+3WZTHTC 960 x 60 MM3+3+3W
ZTSTC 1295 x 95 MM6+3+3WZTHTC 1290 x 90 MM6+3+3W
ZTSTC 20125 x 125 MM10 +5+5WZTHTC 20125 x 125 MM10 +5+5W
ZTSTC 27160 x 160 MM15 +6+6WZTHTC 27160 x 160 MM15 +6+6W