Profile Ligh

We provide various LED Profile lighting. These aluminum channels have a variety of shapes and sizes for you to choose from, which are perfect for presenting a professional and sophisticated look on any of your interiors. These also apply to selected elements of lighting furniture, such as shelves, drawers, or cabinets. In fact, every project is a universal solution, and only your imagination can limit its scope of application

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Low Powered High resolution

The LED light source has a longer service life and avoids the trouble of frequent bulb replacement. This can greatly reduce waste but can save money in the long run.


unique designs that stand apart

A selection of flexible LED lighting strips, for a variety of applications. From simple single color LED lighting strips to multicolored strips. All our LED lighting strips can be ordered cut to length and factory finished.

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Eco-Friendly Initiatives

100% ECO FRIENDLY Lead-Free RoHS Compliant 0% Mercury NO UV/IR 100% Recyclable Material CE Compliant

- Types of Profile Light

• Slim Recessed

• Deep Recessed

• Corner Recessed

• Slim Surface

• Deep Surface

• Corner Surface

• Corner Round Profile

• Corner Square Profile


  • profile use in wall lighting, home ceiling lighting
  • profile use in table lighting
  • profile use in stair lighting design application
  • profile light using in the shop shelf
  • profile light use in kitchen cabinet
  • profile use in advertisement signboard
  • the profile can use in furniture
  • the profile can use in office lighting
  • the profile can use in modern decoration
    profile can use for DIY lighting